E.S (E SCARISBRICK) and G & M, No 3182


£ 395.00

Rough movement undergoing finishing, circa 1890, in its rare workshop box.

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Three-quarter plate fusee movement partially jewelled, with many other parts present, including going fusee (cut), barrel (no spring), train, whiplash regulator and compensation balance (uncut) in its small pill box, numbered as the movement. The hollow-back pillar plate stamped E.S and with its Liverpool size 12 x 0, and also with a miniature stamp of G(?) & M. Complete within lidded pine finishers box with separate internal lid, the paper on the top numbered in pencil as the movement and also 1/4 Hunter, this is next to the number 2421 in ink which has been crossed out, referring to a movement that had been previously finished. Movement 41.5 mm diameter, the box 16 x 10 x 3 cm deep.

Edward Scarisbrick, Prescot, one of the better known rough movement manufacturers, for which this part of Lancashire was justly famous.

NB: The miniature G & M stamp is not one I remember having seen before and it accompanies the number 3182, which is probably that of the finisher or intended retailer.

English watch manufacturing was split into at least forty separate specialist trades at this time, around half who were involved in the manufacture of rough movements, which the Swiss/French called an ebauche, the others being involved in finishing. Surviving examples in their workshop boxes are rarely seen outside museums.

An interesting and very rare complete document regarding the English practice of making fusee watches. In good original condition, cleaner than most such unfinished movements that survive.