Watch chain - gold


£ 4,450.00

Very heavy fancy link 'single Albert' chain, suitable for waistcoat and jacket use.

More details

18ct solid gold chain with alternating trombone and fancy links, with dog-clip and short drop, hallmarked London 1914. 14 1/2 inches (37.5 cm) in total length, weight 104 grams (just over 3 1/2 ounces).

For those who are not sure of how they were worn on a waistcoat, the T-bar goes through a button hole and the watch, held by the dog clip, is supported in a pocket. For chains with a small length of chain (drop) at the T-bar, any suitable item can be suspended depending on the taste of the wearer. This was often a medal, a coin, a watch key, a compass; etc. If used on a waistcoat, the button hole chosen for the T-bar is a matter of taste, sometimes being as low as the pocket, or a higher position can be used to show off the chain.

NB: Being an unusually heavy chain it would only really be suitable for larger sized and heavy English, Swiss or American watches. Any chain can also be used for holding a watch in a top jacket pocket but do please be aware that heavy chains like this, and heavy watches of course, can distort the hanging of lighter weight jackets.

Antique 18ct English chains of this weight are almost never seen these days, plus it is in good original condition showing just some small repairs to the wear points between links. This is not at all objectionable or even obvious but is reflected in the price which is not far above the scrap value - enough, I trust, in order that it is not scrapped. Lastly, payment by Bank Transfer or cheque only for this item.