Jno DAVIES, Swansea. No 13413


£ 445.00

Good London finished 'table roller' lever watch, with provenance.

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Silver dog-collar style of case with fancy bow and engine-turned flat band and rear cover discretely engraved with the owners name that looks to be 'W Voss,' hallmarked London 1828, casemaker BN (Benjamin Norton, St Luke's, London). Capped fullplate fusee movement with cap jewels on balance (diamond), lever and escape, with balance-brake acting on the balance, the cap stamped IS. Single-roller detached lever escapement. Steel balance, spiral balance-spring. One-piece enamel dial in fine original condition, gilt hands. 51.5 mm diameter.

John Davies, Swansea, recorded as a watch and clock retailer as well as a postmaster.

William Voss (1797-1862), Swansea, recorded in the census return of 1841 as a man of "independent means" living in Gower Street with his elder brother, John, who is listed as a banker.

NB: First devised around 1819/20 the single-roller escapement, often also called a table-roller, became the standard English detached lever escapement by 1850, taking over  almost completely from the earlier Massey and other variants. This is a relatively early example, notable for a nicely finished short, parallel sided lever fixed to the pallet frame with a single screw rather than the usual rivets.

Some slights signs of the expected wear to the light engine-turning. Otherwise in generally fine, well kept condition. Serviced and guaranteed.