Robert SAYER, Fleet St, London


£ 2,450.00

Magnificent Equation-of-Time table, circa 1752.

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This table is entitled: A Table Shewing for every Day in the Year at Noon, how much the Equal or Mean Time is faster or slower than the Apparent or Sun's Time, Or how much a Clock should be faster or slower than a true Sun-Dial. Plate size 32 x 23 cm. Matted and in a modern 'Hogarth' frame (45 x 37 cm), ready to hang.

Published by Robert Sayer 'Print Seller, near the Golden Buck' Fleet Street and beautifully engraved by Sam Wale who adds 'Inv et fecit.' The allegorical figures at the top show Mathematics drawing a curtain and discovering Time with Truth, the cherub on the left near the clock being an emblem of Mechanic Powers, all within a fanciful baroque border. Probably published at the changeover to the 'New Style' Gregorian calendar (Chesterfield's Act of 1750) in 1751/2.

NB: Equation Tables are perhaps the most rare and desirable of all horological ephemera, few of them having survived. Even less are in anywhere near as good as condition as this. A similar example by Sayer, ex Courtney Ilbert, can be found at the British Museum.

Some browning, but a good uncreased strike with full plate mark showing, as matted. This can be removed from its frame for posting, if required.