ANONYMOUS (English work). No 73653


£ 45.00

Rare movement with unusual frame, circa 1860.

More details

Semi-fullplate movement in which the 4th, escape and lever arbors are pivoted under a single separate bridge, with the rest of the train, the balance, balance-cock and its potence attached to what is in effect a half-plate, the 14-size frame stamped with an I (partly hidden). single-roller detached lever escapement. Golf balance, spiral balance-spring. Enamel dial, gilt hand. 43 mm diameter.

I cannot find this caliper in anything published, but see the anonymous watch on my website thought to be by Peter Forber (ref: 42664). This caliper may be a development of that taken out by the London watch manufacturer Henry Webster of Dalby Terrace, City Road, in September 1855. That patent, No 2042, allowed for the separation of the escapement in its own sub frame such that the different watchmaking trades involved could work on the same frame at the same time.

Peter Forber "watch frame maker" living next door to Edward Scarisbrick, at 37 Eccleston St. By 1871 Forber's occupation is given as a "grocer" so he was one of many who succumbed to the decline in Lancashire watchmaking forced by the rise of watchmaking in America.

Dial chipped at the seconds bit, lacking cap and hands, otherwise a most unusual movement that needs further researching. Nothing broken and tries to tick when wound, but sold as needing at least a service and fresh oil in order to work correctly.