ROTHERHAMS, for John WATT, Alford. No 13752


£ 295.00

Early 20th century pair case by this important Coventry firm.

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Silver cases hallmarked Birmingham 1915, sponsor's mark JR (John Rotherham), the outer with contemporary Lincolnshire watchpaper. Capped fullplate 7-jewel fusee movement, the cap stamped SPICER. Single-roller detached lever escapement. Gold balance, spiral balance-spring. White enamel dial in perfect condition, gilt hands. 52.5 mm diameter.

I can find no record of a John Watt watchmaker in Alford, Lincolnshire at this time and it may be the name of its first owner.

Rotherham & Sons Ltd, 27 Spon Street, Coventry, the UK’s premier manufacturer of top quality machine-made watches, both pocket and wrist at this date. They made a large variety of watches of different styles and finishes, reflecting the markets at which they were aiming. This very late pair case shows just how much a strongly cased watch was valued, even well into the 20th century.

Wear caused by the bow shows that this watch has been well used but is has not been abused by its owner and the condition is better than usually seen. Serviced and guaranteed.