Geo GRAHAM, London. No 4861


£ 595.00

Good verge movement from Tompion's successor, circa 1720.

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Fullplate fusee movement of typical Graham caliper, with beautifully engraved cock and slide plate, the cock with Grahams portrait face rather that the usual grotesque mask. Verge (recoil) escapement, the balance-spring held with square pin, as first used by Tompion. Later white enamel dial but retaining the original brass-edge and motion work - the hour wheel present but not shown. 38.5 mm diameter, 15.5 mm deep, not including centre arbor.

George Graham, successor to Thomas Tompion in Fleet Street in 1713, continued to sell the very best quality verge watches, jewelled on the balance, until 1726 when he changed over, without exception, to the cylinder. He continued to use only the cylinder until he died in 1751. 

NB: Of the known Graham verge watches few survive in original condition. Most do so as movements, like this, or have been recased and redialled. For example, I know of only six possible 'all original' examples from between the date of this watch, 1720, to the beginning of Graham's change to selling cylinder watches in 1726 - see the latest book on Tompion's and Graham's output by Jeremy Evans, Jonathan Carter and Ben Wright.

Please also note that replacement verge staffs were often accompanied by a change in banking from the staff flags to the balance, often removing the edge of the cock in order to provide banking. This bodgers way of working has disfigured many a fine watch, but luckily this has not happened to this movement. What remains is in fine condition and it should be possible to restore this movement well, if so inclined.

Later dial with cracks and lacking hands, verge staff, balance-spring and endstone jeweling - the present later and incomplete blued-steel endstone possibly glued in. Otherwise a very good example of Graham's post Tompion verge output. Not working.