PENNEY - 'Marine Timekeepers' Presentation Pack of stamps


£ 10.00

Royal Mail Post Office, 16 February 1993

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Folding leaflet, written by Jonathan Betts, accompanying the set of four unmounted mint stamps featuring John Harrison's Timekeeper H4: dial and hands; train remontoire; temperature compensation-curb; top plate and balance-brake.

The overall design controlled by Howard Brown, I was requested to design and create a series of images prior to illustrating them in line and watercolour. What should have been a wonderful job turned sour for me when the Royal Mail, in all their massive pre-issue publicity, decided to write me out of the picture, crediting instead Howard Brown as both designer and illustrator. Despite their 'private' admittance that they had messed up, their lawyers held off all requests for a correction to be issued prior to the stamps release. Instead the Presentation Pack and all post-publicity included the correct credits, but by then it was too late and few in the stamp world know what happened or of my involvement.

Signed by me - as shown. As new, in original wrapper.