ROTHERHAMS No 343598 for The NORTHERN GOLDSMITHS Co, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne


Good late pocket watch by this interesting firm, one of the last they made.

More details

Two-piece 9ct gold 'swing-ring' Dennison case with the sponsor's stamp NGCo, hallmarked Birmingham 1931. Typical Rotherhams 'super grade' three-quarter plate keyless going-barrel movement jewelled to the 3rd, with cap jewels on balance, lever and escape. Single-roller detached lever escapement with ratchet-tooth escape. Compensation balance, balance-spring with overcoil. Signed enamel dial in perfect condition, also bearing ENGLISH MADE, original blued-steel hands, the hour of Rotherham's beautiful spade shape - just lovely. 49.5 mm diameter.

Rotherham & Sons Ltd, 27 Spon Street, Coventry, the UK’s only watch manufacturer, both pocket and wristwatches, at this time – see my English Wristwatch section. The great depression of the early 1930's and the almost impossibility of making a profit in the face of fierce Swiss and American competition meant that Rotherhams, the last of the English watch manufacturers, ceased production in 1934. This left English military forces in somewhat of a precarious position as a new war with Germany approached, and the eventual resurrection of watch manufacturing by Smiths...

The Northern Goldsmiths Company suppliers of many good watches, including Deck Watches, from the 1st World War on, as made by Coventry trained men and businesses. They will always be associated with Sidney Better, Leon Forestier and others - see the important article on this subject by Paul Myatt in the March 2011 issue of Antiquarian Horology.

The Birmingham based firm of A L Dennison, originally set up by Aaron Dennison, one of the founders of the American watch industry, the most important English manufacturer of machine-made watch cases - see the book by the late Philip Priestley Aaron Lufkin Dennison. An Industrial Pioneer and his Legacy, copies of which are usually available on this website.NB: The unusual 'Swing-ring' case was an attempt to improve water-resistance and was used by Dennison for some of their wristwatch cases of the time. Pocket watch cases are far less common.

The watch showing almost no signs of use, and certainly 'near mint' in condition. Serviced and guaranteed.